Why see a dietitian at Accessible Nutrition?

Our Dietitian’s specialise in nutrition services for people with disability, children and their families. We offer home visits to people living in the Parramatta Area, Blacktown Area and Hills District along with the option of Telehealth and phone reviews where appropriate. Appointments can be made Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and most Saturdays. 

What we can help you with:

  • General healthy eating
  • Introducing solids
  • Reducing stress at mealtimes
  • Fussy eating
  • Selective eating
  • Underweight
  • Failure to thrive
  • Overweight
  • Vegetarian eating
  • Nutritional deficiencies (eg. Low iron)
  • Texture modified eating
  • Combination oral and tube feeding
  • Supplemental tube feeding
  • Exclusive tube feeding

Want to know more?

Get in touch

For those wanting assistance with eating disorders, ketogenic diet for epilepsy or severe allergies, please contact your GP or Specialist doctor in the first instance and they can refer you to an appropriate service if required.