Charity is a Registered NDIS Provider.

Charity’s extensive experience working with people and disability, their families and carers means she can help you reach your nutritional potential. Eating the right foods provides the best fuel for your body. This helps your body work to its full ability and can help:

  • Maximise participation in the community
  • Increase your sense of ‘wellbeing’
  • Help keep you feeling healthy
  • Help increase your energy levels
  • Help your other therapy (physio, speech pathology, occupational therapy) work as best it can

This helps you achieve the things you want to do.

Eating for wellbeing or ‘Healthy Eating’ can be tricky.

It might look different for different people and can change depending on:

  • Your age
  • Your specific disability
  • If or how your disability effects your ability to eat
  • If or how your disability effects the amount of energy your body uses
  • If or how your disability effects your ability to prepare and cook food
  • Any other medical problems

At your home or over the phone

Charity provides a monile service where she comes to you at home. For your convenience, she also offers phone/Skype reviews if these are easier for you (with a minimum of 1 in-person appointment each year). Click here to find appointment costs. Call or email Charity to arrange an appointment or to discuss how she can help you.

Wondering about our fees and services?